Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Comfort, comfort my people...

The doctrine of the sovereignty of God is not a band-aid to throw onto any crappy situation.  It is not "Mommy's magic kisses" for a hurting Christian. The doctrine of God's sovereignty is a salve. You have to rub it deep into the wound, and it will hurt.  You have to apply and reapply diligently, staving off the infection of bitterness, until the hurt begins to heal. Compassion and empathy will aid the process--there is a wound after all. You have to push through and keep applying, putting faith and trust in the belief that it will work.  Because it is Truth.

To consider this doctrine as anything less, to throw it around flippantly, to glibly brush off worries or fear, pain and hurt--this is not only unkind, it can be damaging and hurtful. To do so, is to ignore the depth of human experience.  It belittles the ability of God to speak into the darkest depths of that experience. But it is the deep darkness where we need Him most. And with compassion and reassurance, He will meet us there.

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