Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Speak Tenderly to Jerusalem...

The assurance that God is sovereign should be a great comfort to the Christian. In suffering and trial, this truth should ground our faith and capture our unruly emotions. It should be our sweet strength.

However, if this truth is not a comfort, if your heart bulks and rears against this idea, if when your brother or sister voices this truth, your instinct is to close your ears, harden your heart, and turn away--then, my friend, you must take up your arms against sin. Because your doubt will cross swiftly into unbelief and bitterness. Take up your shield, call on your friends, pray and pray still more. Hold on more tightly to the truth you want to push away. Hold onto it like an anchor so that you do not slip.
Recognize that in the moment your heart rails against this truth, you are no longer simply fighting for faith, you are fighting against sin.

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